Setting Out to Try New Things

Over the years, I have become more and more sheltered. I have approached the point that most of my free time is spent in bed watching Netflix or Hulu. Many of us have been there. I want to bring new enjoyment into my life.

I realize I have pinned hundreds, if not thousands, of pins on Pinterest. Pinterest is my go to “I’m bored” site. I scan through millions of pins, and repin them in hopes that I will one day try them. Well I have tried very few of these delicious recipes, fun activities, or creative DIYs! It is time to change that.

I want to take a journey through my own Pinterest! Explore the depths of DIY. Take my taste buds on a culinary voyage through delicious, new recipes. Dive into new adventures as I record every step.

I will be combing through my pins and making my way through the virtual mess that I have created for myself. I will record my efforts and relay of they were a Pinterest miracle or should go into the hypothetical garbage.